FOM’s Core Program

Community-based Mental Health Care Program

  • It is a decentralized pattern of delivery of mental health care and related services for people  suffering from mental disorders, stress-related disorders, psycho-social, emotional and behavioral problems due various reasons that include biological, psychological, social and environmental factors.
  • It can deliver wide range of mental health care services depending on need and problems of specific community at different levels.
  • It is based in a variety of community settings rather than confine patients/client and patient/client care in mental hospitals and other mental health institutions traditionally within the parameters of four walls.
  • It not only covers biological aspects attached to mental health problems but also psychological, social and environmental aspects.
  • It delivers mental health care services at grass root level and benefiting the most resource less at door step by involving all the concerned stake holders for promoting and contributing to lessen the burden of mental health problems in the community.

Other Programs:

Psychosocial Support Program

PSP addresses the prevailing psycho-social problems of individuals especially women and children who are victimized due to disasters (natural and man-made disasters).

PSP mainly focuses on psycho-social empowerment of vulnerable communities through capacity building and problem-solving on self-help basis.

FOM started psycho-social support program immediate after the earthquake on October 8 2005 Northern Paksistan. FOM established 3 community empowering centers for women affected by the earthquake and benefited 2353 women of the target community by enhancing their inter-personal and social skills to overcome with stress and trauma on self-help basis.

Drug Demand Reduction Program

Pakistan is one of the countries hardest hit by narcotics abuse in the world and is considered as a victim state. To combat with the problem FOM has adopted the strategy of demand reduction. As long as there is demand of drugs; the supply cannot be stopped completely.

DDR program aims to create mass awareness & education and facilitate rehabilitation of narcotic dependents

This program must not only include the victims of drug addiction but society as whole through involvement of all stakeholders.

DDR Program has benefited more than 1000 beneficiaries through awareness, education and rehabilitation services.