Mission & Objectives


The Friends of the MIND is committed to achieve its objectives with a broad based strategy:

“to cover social problems emanating from the prevalence of mental diseases/narcotic dependency in the society besides psychological/emotional health, human rights and gender issues”


The FOM aims at achieving its mission through the following objectives:

  • To improve the living condition of men, women and children suffering from mental illnesses and narcotic dependencies inside the society
  • To improve the mental health status of men, women and children suffering from psychological, emotional and behavioral problems due to socio-economic reasons
  • To initiate and promote such activities for sustainable and rights based community development
  • To sensitize the masses and professionals towards effective implementation of the Mental Health Ordinance 2001
  • To strengthen linkages with other partners i.e. institutions, government organizations, NGOs & INGOs working in area of mental health, drug addiction and other developmental sector

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